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Pun Pun Farm- by Denis Eckert


This is Denis Eckert logging at 11:30am Earth date 12th of March 2018. Today was our last day at Pun Pun. I had really enjoyed my days on this beautiful land with wonderful people. All the buildings were made with natural materials around the land that the earth provided us. Some of them with unique arts on them. They also have a massive collection of plants in their gardens. Pun Pun focuses on seed saving.


As a cohort, we helped build walls on the second floor of a community house for the first three days. We were in mud and enjoying our time with others. To cool off we would jump in the pond that’s right next to the house. The rest of the time we helped out around by gardening, feeding the chicken and cows, milking the cows and cooking. I also found an easy bread recipe. Thank you, Lisa, for the recipe.


During my time at Pun Pun, I discovered something about myself that I never would have at home.  Now, I am working on what I want to change about myself...but I’ll keep that to myself.

 Hathai cohort will miss Pun Pun and a few of us are planning on coming back in the future as I know I will.

To all of you on the other side of the internet:

Denis signing off.