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Introduction to Pun Pun by Cecilia Franklin-Knapp


Pun Pun is a piece of land that lives up to its name- "One Thousand Varieties". While the title is focused on seed variety, it goes much farther into enormous variety in any aspect of the land. It’s a place to volunteer, one of the many things Hathai cohort did there. Upon an afternoon arrival and an hour of settling in we were given four options of community chores. That day I watered the garden. We helped a woman named Tip water her garden and she told us about her no dig method. This method includes a lack of planting as well, instead the seeds are tossed in a healthier spot of her plot in the community garden. She told us many people don’t till either way as tilling only pulls up more dry soil. This community practices not digging into the land but building onto it. 


To build a garden bed:

*note* preparation time 50 minutes plus three to six months digestion


                              leaves          manure   

                      white mold          effective micro-organism (EM)

                               water          tarp

                    a rake or hoe        heat (the tarp traps just enough heat!)


I if you want your new soil ready for March planting start in September/October. If you want your soil to digest in 4 months start in April/May.  

Step one: leaves               Lay down a layer of leaves 

in the shape of a long rectangle, outside. One reason to start in the fall is that leaves are more readily available. 

Step two: manure             Add a layer of sun-dried manure.

The importance of manure is around the white mold, this mold cultivates its self on manure and is a worth it component that expedites the digestion of your leaves. Manure is not so accessible unless you have cows, horses or somehow elephants. Just get creative, everybody poops. 


Step three: effective micro organism (EF).   

The EF is another worth it component to digest your leaf material and it can be cultivated easily enough. See it comes from the air, it’s attracted to moisture and other living things.

We were spoken to you also about the effective micro organism (EM) it is another component for digestion. You can usually cultivate this by letting moss form in a tub of water. Once you have your moss probably you have EM because it comes from the air. Than cover your tub to reduce the chance of contamination.

There’s a way of leadership at Pun Pun, self direction. There is no one leader instead each individual relies on their own common sense. Many people progress on their own projects of course with a willingness to ask for help and in other cases lend a helping hand. The key at Pun Pun is to help and work with the land and earth so it can better support you. When you build on the earth to support its health it is healthy enough that when the papaya falls a second tree will grow.