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This trip is all about...

I feel like I learned more on this trip than I did in 4 years of high school (granted if high school involved hiking with elephants in a tropical forrest, I probably would have paid more attention.) During our student directed travel I was tuk tuk which will teach you a lot of things. It will teach you that tuk tuk drivers will scam you harder than Joanne the scammer. It will teach you that bargaining is a skill, but a skill that can be learned and even mastered. 



Our first day of student directed travel we went zip lining. We left the hostel early and drove up a really windy road to reach our destination. By the time we got off the bus, multiple people were care sick and I was pretty sure Denis was going to throw up and pass out. But within a few minutes we were able to pull our shit together and get geared up. Our zip lining instructors were really fun and made sure we were laughing the whole time. After we went to watch a live Thai boxing match where a bidding pool began (is this allowed) but it was all fun and games. About halfway through the fights there was a “special fight” There was a group of 6 guys put into the ring trying to blindly fight each other. At one point a fighter tried to punch the ref and the ref surprised us all by ninja kicking the fighter. 


The next day we took an overnight train to Bangkok. The ride was full of deep talks between certain individuals and moments where we all squeezed into one bed and ate snacks together while sharing stories and looking out the window. 


After a total of 26 hours of traveling we finally made it to Lonely Beach of Koh Chang island.  The beach had white sand and warm blue water. As we waded further into the ocean we could look back and see the tropical forest against the sun filled sky. 



Our time at the island was spent buying over priced food and burning in the sun, but we enjoyed all of it. 

We also got to watch a fire show. The girls and I really enjoyed seeing the mans oil covered muscles glisten in the fire light. 

We also got to go clubbing 2 times while there. Both times there was nobody dancing until our group showed up and started the whole party. 

I went on a trip to Thailand with 11 strangers and by the end of the trip i would have taken a bullet for any one of them