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Final Days of Student Directed Travel

Hello family and friends, 

This is Jessica Soto with the final updates of Leum Dtaa as we head toward the end of our SE Asia program. These last final days students have directed our new adventures to Hua Hin where we spent two additional days in the salty sea waters, blazing sun and gritty sand. We swam, played water games and had a fun competitive game of soccer. We also went to art museum full, where we took many optical illusion pictures and enjoyed the art.

Following Hua Hin, we are in Bangkok, once again. So far, we visited the Kings Palace which was a little overwhelming mainly because there were masses of people and it was really hot. The palace was covered in precious gems, gold and cultural artifacts. Our time in Bangkok, we explored malls, local markets and even watched Thai boxing. The boxing was intense and kept us on our feet all night, rooting for our favorite boxers! We had front row seats so we saw and heard every punch, jab and kick that boxers threw to another. Seeing the force of power and hearing the POW and BAM of the jabs, I swear I could feel those hits! There was some blood involved in the fights but don’t worry the fighters were ok!

Our final day the group decided to take it slow and have a scrumptious BBQ and a little fruit salad on the side. We spent the morning prepping skewers and cutting tropical fruits. I never liked papaya but theres something about Thailand papaya that has me fiending for some papaya! We had so much leftover food from lunch that we had more for dinner! 

The challenges from studying abroad has molded us in many different aspects that allowed us to grow. The group bonded with others, ate new unique foods, faced and overcame challenges and saw beautiful Cambodian and Thailand scenery. The group and I are ready to go home and see our loving family, friends and loved ones but we also really want a break from the scorching heat! We had a blast studying abroad and are excited to share our stories of adventure with our families. 

See you all soon!