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Problem: 45% of first-gen college students drop out. Solution: Develop purpose & intrinsic motivation.
— Ethan Knight, American Gap Association

Since 2009, we have led the effort to provide mentorship and scholarships to first generation college students in the Portland area to participate in our educational programming.

To date 100% of Carpe Mundi students have completed or are working towards college degrees.


Our Mission

To facilitate transforming economically disadvantaged Portland youth into globally aware and socially engaged college graduates.

Our Values

  • Transformative Education: The most transformational and long lasting educational experiences are the ones that require hands-on engagement, personal investment, ownership and responsibility, leadership and stretching outside of our comfort zones.   


  • Passion: The best indicator of success and happiness is passion. Experiential education, service-learning and international travel programs are the best way to help students discover and explore what they are passionate about. 


  • Learning Communities: Learning is maximized when students have the ability to relate, reflect, and open up to others engaging in the same process. Learning communities allow students to explore the roles and patterns they each take on within and across different communities.
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