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Katie Baugher

Larry Chiem

Larry Chiem is in his final year of completing his bachelors degree at PSU. Plans on attending PSU next year to finish bachelor’s degree. Larry has some internship possibilities in the next year. While focusing on his education in around computer science.

After Carpe Mundi “I got into a different philosophy of life, I started to enjoy time with myself, I learned to be present in the moment. When you travel, you don’t have to be worried about much. Bringing that mentality home has helped me because there are a lot of distractions here.”

Larry has been traveling and staying active ever since Carpe. He will continue to challenge himself and to break out of the cycle we’ve come accustomed to in the United States. 

Max Clark

Maxwell Clark traveled to India in 2013 with the first ever Carpe Mundi cohort. He is a passionate artist who uses music as a way to bring together people, cultures, ideas and traditions.

“There is rapturous beauty within India’s culture and contradictions, but one must look beyond the death and trash to see it. The juxtaposition of good and bad stops for no one, so I chose to let India embrace me.” Carpe taught Maxwell communication and compromise. His trip abroad granted him the necessary travel skills to then venture off on his own.

He has since traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Ecuador on tour with bands and in search of adventure. While at home in Portland, he takes classes at PCC with intentions of pursuing writing and journalism. Max’s present employment finds him running the street team for an independent promotions company as well as assisting in opening a music institute for young people.

Victoria Rodriguez

Daphne Weaver