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Carpe Mundi is a non-profit organization that provides low-income, first-generation Portland college students with a year-long mentorship and scholarship program that includes an experiential education study abroad program.

our mission

Empowering low-income college students to reach their full potential through international learning experiences and mentorship.

Our Approach

3 Phases of transformation:

1. Preparation and financial aid

Mentorship and academic support

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Learn about travel logistics, deepen your understanding of the country you are going to, get to know your cohort members and apply for financial aid to cover your expenses.  

2. International experience

2 or 3 months experiential learning

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Live with the locals, learn another language, serve the community, develop leadership and get to know more about yourself while traveling through our partner Carpe Diem Education.

3. Returning home and integration

Earn credits and reflect on the journey

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Return home, finish PSU coursework and integrate your international experience by engaging with the Portland community via internships and volunteer projects.




Carpe Mundi staff provide a holistic support network to students before and after travel: navigating academic and travel logistics, applying for scholarships, learning academic success tactics and feeling emotionally supported.

each year each of our students receives:  

30 hours

of one-on-one mentorship before/after travel

106 to 170 hours

of group mentorship and meetings before/after travel

25 hours

of personalized writing and editing support while completing PSU coursework


What our students say

The Hillary I knew before the trip was so different than the Hillary I grew to know during my two months in Central America. The old Hillary never did anything that was outside of her comfort zone and was afraid to be a leader. The new Hillary is brave, independent, and is always seeking opportunities to grow and get out of her comfort zone.

Hillary, Jatzibe Cohort 2018

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I’ve encouraged myself to do more things. A lot of those negative “what ifs?” have changed to more positive. I think to myself, “what if I get to travel more, what if I get to live in Vietnam for a couple of years because I really liked it there, or what if I get the career that I want, and what if I’m happy?” And I just feel kind of more independent than I used to be.... I’m happy that a lot of my “what ifs?” have turned into possibilities.

Nitzny, Ithemba Cohort 2018


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