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Arturo is working on getting a degree in environmental engineering.  He is finishing up some pre-requisites at PCC and hopes to transfer to PSU soon.  Arturo found a passion for permaculture and sustainability while traveling in South America with Carpe Mundi.  With his degree, he hopes to support in the creation of a network of eco-friendly communities throughout the world.  Arturo is currently serving as the Carpe Mundi alumni coordinator and enjoys gathering with other alums and attending inter-cultural events in Portland.  

Patrick Prom

"I know that I can overcome my challenges and that there is a deeper determination within me." Patrick just finished his junior year at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. He is majoring in Environmental Studies and has a minor in Studio Art. Patrick traveled to Southeast Asia two years ago, through the help of Carpe Mundi. His biggest takeaway from his trip was being able to challenge himself. He still keeps contact with his Carpe Mundi cohort, and sometimes reminisce on the vivid memories of the scenery from his time abroad. He wants to move back to Portland after his studies, and plans to "see more of the world". Patrick is saving money to visit other developing countries. 

Alvin Swearingen

Alvin has finished school at PCC, and is now exploring different fields and majors that he wants to focus in. Since his participation in Carpe Mundi, of which he traveled to East Africa, he said that he became more passionate and tolerable of different people and belief systems. He gained a new perspective in a consumer standpoint and tries to live more sustainably. He learned to live in the moment and find happiness from within himself. He currently resides in Milwaukie. Alvin has recently completed a Vipasana course in Onalaska, Washington. He likes to go camping and backpacking often, and plans future trips for solo travel to India, Europe and Asia. 

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Mary Lao

Karen Martinez Navarro

Brianna Medearis

Natty Omier

Natty just gave birth to a beautiful son. They shared an experience in the NICU, when he was under the same care of doctors and nurses that took care of her 22 years ago. This coincidence and experience has inspired Natty to pursue a career path in neonatal nursing. She learned to stay grounded and not takes matters personally, no matter the experience. From her travels to Central America with Carpe Mundi, she fell in love with the Spanish language, and plans to minor in it for her future career and to volunteer in Latin America. Natty learned to look at the bright side of things and is motivated to make a life for herself and her son. 

Damian Sanchez

Damian is a student at Lewis and Clark College, a liberal arts school in Northwest Portland. He is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Rhetoric and Media studies. Since his participation with Carpe Mundi, Damian has gained more understanding of the Latin American culture, which helps him with his current work. Damian works for Morrison Child and Family Services, a nonprofit that helps minors who are unaccompanied and are left at the borders, particularly refugees from Central America. One take away that he had from his trip was not to take life too seriously. He understands that there are people of different backgrounds and personality, and appreciates their diversity in his community. Damian current resides in the Portland area, near Happy Valley. He plans to travel after he is finished with his Bachelor's degree, he is also currently interested and fundraising for a trip to Cuba during the alternative spring break period that is offered at his school. 

DeeDee Turner