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Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope. Esperanza is also a ladybug; Legend has it when in contact, it will bring you luck. 

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Nicolas Hughes

Nicholas is currently attending school at PCC for his transfer degree, then, he plans to transfer to PSU for Environmental Engineering. His trip with Carpe Mundi has turned his focus from engineering, and guided him to a more specific field of engineering. He wants to focus his studies and passion on permaculture design. He was inspired by Bona Fide, a Nicaraguan Permaculture farm, and plans to save money so he can return and take their course to expand on his knowledge of the ethics and principles of permaculture and sustainability. Carpe Mundi has opened his eyes to the privileges that he has in the U.S. In which, he is grateful for his education abroad, as it has encouraged him to invest more time on his passions and volunteering opportunities that helps his community and surrounding neighborhoods. Nicholas currently resides in Portland. 

Betty Nelson

"I am finishing my cultural anthropology degree while working for Portland parks and rec. After graduation I plan to backpack a bit in Europe, then move back to Costa Rica and work with the indigenous Bribri community." Betty is 20 years old and currently co-enrolled at PSU and PCC Cascade. She enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and exploring new places. She was born in Costa Rica and speaks Spanish.    

Nancy Oropeza Leon

My name is Nancy Oropeza Leon and I come from a Mexican background, but was born and raised in Oregon. I am a 20 years old girl that loves taking risks in life.  I love being artistic and creative whether it's baking, dancing, photography, videography, etc. I graduated from Beaverton High school in 2014 and have been attending Portland Community College for a year and am currently on my second year. Although I’m going to school, I have yet to discover what I want to do as a career. Some of the goals that I have would be to get to know myself more and to slowly get rid of my shyness. I’m confident that this adventure with Carpe Mundi will help boost my confidence, be more social, and just give me a new perspective of the world which I’m excited to see.  It’s still unreal to me that I am part of the Carpe Mundi program but I am truly grateful and excited for what it has to offer and what it’ll bring.

Andrew Allen

Andrew is taking classes for his prerequisites at PCC for an associates of art transfer degree. He plans to major in filmography to further his interest from his attendance at film camps in the past. Since his return home from his trip with Carpe Mundi, he is practicing mindfulness and effective communications, skills that he learned while abroad. Andrew currently resides in Portland, and plans to do more solo travel in his future. 

Sophia Winchell

Sophia is finishing her associates degree at PCC, with plans to transfer to a university for environmental science. During the trip to Nicaragua, she stayed at a farm called Bona Fide, of which has sparked her interest in the environmental and sustainable field. From her abroad experience, she learned better communication skills, like conscious and creative thinking. Sophia wants to travel abroad on her own and do more self exploration.