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Carpe Mundi has 99 alumni students across 7 years of programming! Learn more about what some of our alumni are doing after their Carpe Mundi experience. To hear more about all of our alumni, scroll to the bottom of the page to get updates and hear stories by cohort.

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Betty Nelson, Central America 2016

Betty recently finished her cultural anthropology degree from PSU and is currently working for the National Indian Child Welfare Association. She plans to travel to before going back to Costa Rica and work with the indigenous Bribri community.

Desi Casanova, South America 2018

After traveling to Ecuador with Carpe Mundi, Desi began working as a support professional caring for adults with special needs. She is finishing her studies at PCC and plans to attend the University of Oregon to major in psychology and neuroscience.

Maya Abdirahman, SE Asia 2018

Maya traveled to SE Asia and fell in love with the people there. She is currently taking prerequisites to attend the Birthingway College of Midwifery as she wants to continue traveling and supporting women across the globe in delivering their babies.