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Here's a bit about what our students experience when they join a year long cohort. 3 Phases.


What is Carpe College?

Carpe College is our oldest program that launched in 2012.  This program is available to first generation college students and low-income college students who want to travel.  While we meet as a whole group in Portland before and after travel, scholarship recipients will travel to different locations with one or two other scholarship recipients and other 8-9 other students from across the country.  Students will have the option of traveling to South America, Central America, East Africa, Southeast Asia or India.  

Scholarship recipients will participate in: 1) extensive of pre-travel support starting in August. 2) 12 weeks traveling with one of our regional areas. 3) 8 weeks of travel debrief in Portland including day long service-learning experiences and academic support and local internships. Students will finish their experience with a capstone project that the cohort chooses, designed to benefit the local Portland community. 

During this experience, students will receive 24 college credits from PSU. 

Who is eligible for the Carpe College program?

To be eligible, students must demonstrate the following: 

  • Residence in the Portland Metro area 
  • A student of Portland Community College, Mount Hood Community College, Clark Community College, Clackamas Community College or PSU as of Fall 2016
  • Eligible for entrance into Portland State University (ask us if you are uncertain)
  • Eligibility for the Pell Grant (applied for through FAFSA - the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) or the Oregon Opportunity Grant or Oregon Promise Grant. 
  • First Generation College Student 

When is the application deadline? 

Applications for Carpe College Program are accepted on a rolling basis.  Priority consideration given to students who apply before February 1, 2017.  

What is the Program timeline? 

Application, Acceptance and Preparation:  (The SOONER you can meet these deadlines BETTER) 

November 7th, 2016: Applications Avialable

February 1st, 2017: Priority Applications Due   

April-May, 2017: Student Interviews and Priority Applications 

May-June, 2017: Admissions Decisions Made

Phase 1: Orientation and Preparation

June 2017, Co-enrollment to PSU for Community College Students

August, 2017: Carpe Mundi Orientation 

August 31, 2017: Last day to apply for your passport (if you haven’t already!) 

October, 2017: Gilman Applications are Due (we will help you with this!)-it's FREE $$$

January, 2017: Meet with your cohort twice a week to prepare for travel, take care of final travel logistics, and start preparing for your PSU course work.  

Phase 2: International Travel

Approx. early February - early April

Phase 3-Re-Entry

Mid-April - Mid-May, 2017: Post-travel programming. The cohort will meet for 5 weeks once a week. We will talk about re-entry, do local community service projects, and provide academic support for PSU papers.

May and June, 2017: Meet with your cohort once a week to finish up papers and put together your capstone project. 

June 20th: Final PSU papers due

June-July: Portland Internships

July 30th: Capstone Presentation

How much does the program cost?

Typically the cost of an 8-12 week Semester Abroad Course is between $12-$15,000.  Because we are a non-profit with outside funding and an incredible partnership with Carpe Diem Education, we can offer this program at a substantially reduced price.   DON'T WORRY! We can show you how easy it is to use your Pell, Oregon Opportunity Grant and other scholarships to cover these expenses.  This may seem like a lot of money, but remember this covers tuition for 24 credits, travel (including room and board while traveling) and the experience of a life time.  

What are the program expectations?

Acceptance into the program involves the expectation that you will complete several critical items. These are designed to demonstrate a lasting commitment to the betterment (and demonstrated support) of and by your local community:

  • Complete 24 credits (five courses) at PSU during Winter and Spring 2017 terms. Courses Required by Carpe Mundi are, Geography, 199 (or 399), Sociology 199, and International Development 199 plus your choice of  Environmental Studies 199 (or 399), Philosophy 199 (or 399), Art 199, History 199, Women's Studies 199, Economics 199, Spanish 199 (or 399),  Anthropology 199, Public Health 199, or Music 199.   
  • Participation in all cohort meetings starting with Orientation in August, 2017. A commitment fee of $250 will be due at this orientation. 
  • Maintain Communication with the office once accepted to make sure you get all the logistics done that you need to be able to travel.  
  • Pay the Program fee. We will work with each of you to establish a timeline for those payments.  You may (and are encouraged) to use your financial aid to cover the cost.  As a result, you may not have that money until Spring term.  That is OK!  We will work with you to make this possible.  
  • Additional program costs are yours to cover, including passport, PSU travel fee, immunizations and travel gear.  We expect this to cost no more than $1000, depending on region of travel.  
  • At the program’s completion, submit a comprehensive Capstone Project designed by your cohort to benefit the Portland community. 
  • Completion of a 60 hour summer internship in 2017.
  • While traveling, Carpe Mundi and Carpe Diem Education have a No Alcohol/Drug Policy as well as a No Wifi Policy.  If you do not think you can abide by these policies for twelve weeks, this may not be the program for you.  


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