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Estamos en Xela-Central America Maya

The hostel (Hostal Nim Sut) is AWESOME! So far we´ve been exploring the street food scene, and we´re lovin´it – tacos, pupusas, avocados, and mangos galore! So far the group dynamic is excellent, and we´re gelling like….jello? Our leaders, however…are super weird and nerdy. It is quite a bit colder than we expected here in the Guatemalan highlands, so we´ve been sharing one bed to conserve heat (kidding, obviously).

We´re out and about on our scavenger hunt right now, which will require us to work in small groups to – call our leaders´cell phones, find something tasty (probably ice cream), perform a random act of kindness, buy a dinner item for our Valentine´s Day dinner tomorrow, hail a cab, and test out a few other skills over the course of the day. We´re excited, but a bit nervous about getting (a little bit) lost, and asking strangers for directions in spanish.

Hasta la pasta!! (We wanted to post a photo, but the interwebs is too slow – next time!!)