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Goodbye Thai Villiage - Southeast Asia Updates

We are getting ready to say goodbye to the people who have kindly cared for us in the past 9 days. It seems as though we have been here for much more time.  Personally, I have had a great time getting to meet my host family & learning from them. The first few days were somewhat of a struggle, but after a few Thai language classes, we have begun to slowly communicate with our families. Speaking of our amazing host families, we all recieved Thai names! (with the unique exception of Raisa). All names had beautiful meanings. Some were the translation for flowers, sky, beautiful… And then Raisa's name: Puut Thai. "Puut Thai," meaning "speak Thai." Now we know pronunciation is critical in the Thai language.

Besides going to Thai language classes, the ladies of Carpe Diem had a unique opportunity to perform at a Temple Fair with the local village dance team. Every evening we would head down to the village park for practice, but we were not notified until the night before the performance! At least we had our moves well coordinated! (for the most part).

Here are some pictures of the Temple Festival and of our humble, loving village:)