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On Top of the World: Updates from India

This world we live can be such a beautiful place if you let it be. If you open yourself up to what it has to offer you can find yourself again.

This week Shanti India found themselves in the Asian fairy tale of Sikkim. Famous for its wide variety of plant life, that attracts botanists from all over the world and opportunities for mountaineering tourism. We arrived at our destination of Yoksom by being hosted by the Ajam residence a small mansion run by a lovely family. The village of Yoksom is surrounded by lush Caradom farms stacked on the rolling hills and clouds that cover like mist forming massive imaginary landscapes. Each night we were met with epic thunder storms that clashed against black sky. And each morning a smiling child walking in the garden with his mother.
As we take in the remote beauty of the forest, we are given chance to focus on our next task as a group, our 35 mile trek through the Kanhanynga National park. With the goal to reach the summit and witness the rising sun over the worlds highest peak. In our adventure we were in the most capable hands of our crew of 11 men, 13 horses, personal cook and cooks assistant. We were treated with the utmost care. And will always remember their kind faces as they served us chai every morning, played Frisbee with us after the summit and served us a delicious cake with the message "see you soon".

In our trek we encountered first hand the wide diversity of vegetation offered in this unique tropical forest. As the altitude changed we were able to see the lush green forest covered with ferns that would be foraged later for our meals. To the highest altitudes where we were literally walking through clouds. We found as a group that each of us were pushed in ways we never could have imagined. A rewarding experience that was achieved by our own two feet, each strain in our muscles a reminder of the unforgettable sights were were able to see. Looking down from the mountain they were many opportunities to stop and take in the big and small complexities that lie hidden in every organism. We were not only given the chance to take in the landscapes but were able to see the unique relationship between the mountain and those that call it home.