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Last Moments and Returning Home from India

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche said in one of his talks that the people of India have no common sense; they only have wisdom. As the last days of our time in India slip by, I can't help but think about that, and try to drink in all the last little bits of wisdom, utter lack of common sense, and everything else that makes India, India.

We spent a few days in a meditation retreat at the Deer Park Institute, which is owned by the rinpoche, a Bhutanese Mahayana Buddhist Lama, writer, movie director, and just a super cool guy. Our five days of watching documentaries, practicing Tibetan meditation, hanging out with some friendly monks (one admitted to me that he used to be addicted to Candy Crush, which I really cannot get over), and generally obsessing about the amazing library full of exciting books by Thich Nhat Hanh and Osho and His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Ram Dass were really some I won't forget. Many nights, we stayed up late with pillow talk about emptiness and impermanence and karma and souls.

Now we're in Mcleod Ganj, eating momo's, hanging with our host families, volunteering, shopping, hiking, really just getting as much as we can out of last week in this crazy place. We're all praying for the people of Nepal, as well. I feel so lucky and grateful to be safe and want to send love to everyone at home, friends and family of all of us here.

We've received word that the mighty Shanti group has checked in to their flights New Delhi.  They've been a fantastic group and it been a great semester.  We are wishing them all traveling mercies on their respective journeys home.

Here's a retrospective picture the the handsome group from their time at Dev Bala farm.