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Central America: Lake Atitlan and Yoga


I am writing this in a small internet cafe in Guatemala City.
Cars zoom by, honking their horns at any pedestrians who dare assume they have the right of way. We are immersed in the sights and sounds of a bustling city.

It is strange to remember, then, that just yesterday we were in The Mystical Yoga farm, one of the most tranquil places that I have ever visited.

The yoga farm sits on the shores of Lake Atitlan, nestled between the water and the mountains. It is beautiful.  At the core of the farm’s beauty is its oneness with nature. Everything, from the buildings to the herb and vegetable gardens (there is no meat) to the elaborate composting system, has been designed to blend with the landscape.

This conscious decision to live more harmoniously with nature reflects one the main purposes of the yoga farm: to be a yoga retreat.

Early every morning, we took yoga and meditation classes. In the afternoon, we might have had an activity. Or, if it was not raining, we would take a dip in the lake.

Several times, we participated in Cacao cermonies. Basically, we drank very strong and unsweetened hot chocolate, and then meditated, did yoga, or even danced. It was very energizing and a lot of fun!

Our hosts were fantastic, very dedicated to enriching our experience as much as possible.

Carpe Diem went to the yoga farm to retreat from society and its expectations. Living in a place closer to nature, we strove to recognize and accept ourselves while also enjoying ourselves in a beautiful place.

We had a fantastic time!