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Shanti: Holi Week (Festival of Spring, Indian style!)

Last week in Kolkatta was incredible. As always, every week here in beautiful India has been a completely different, challenging, unbelievable, yet fascinating adventure. Since arriving in Kolkota the past Sunday, we have been volunteering for Missionaries of Charity. An non-profit organization established by the great Mother Teresa a couple of decades ago. It has been an amazing , eye opening experience for us all. Caring for both children and elder citizens with mental and physical disabilities. We have been exposed to many unfortunate realities of life. Realities not many people in this world get to see first-hand. We volunteered in many of the houses of this organizations by helping in many ways: Entertaining fellow patients in any way possible, helping them with their daily needs, teaching them various stuff, and many, many other things. Aside from serving as volunteers, we got to explore this wonderful city. We saw our first Bollywood movie! It was quite interesting haha. Very confusing yet very entertaining (it was completely in Hindi aside from some English frases and no subtitles). We also visited many temples and got to see one of the biggest flower market in all of Asia. Kolkota has treated us like royalties, leaving us with nothing more to ask for.

Now we are up in the north in Sikkim, where we were able to participate in Holi, the spring festival of colors where people throw dye of many colors all over you in the streets.  This was an incredible few days, we are excited to begin our trek in the greatest mountain range in the world: the Himalayas. Another great adventure awaits for us. Thank you India!