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A week in Baños...



Last week we left Finca Mono Verde, a beautiful, lush permaculture farm on the Ecuadorian coast and we arrived in the bustling and breathtaking city of Baños surrounded by mountains and a large active volcano! This week was different for us because we were living in pairs with host families rather than all of us living in one place together. Living with people we never met before, in a city that was unfamiliar to us certainly presented some challenges, but with the support of each other and our new friends in Baños, we were able to experience these challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and become more independent.

Our days in Baños were spent at Raices Spanish School. In the morning, we would learn and improve our Spanish with the help of our teachers and in the afternoons, we got to the fulfill the role of being a teacher, by teaching English to the local children of Baños. After the long rewarding, days we spent our nights thoroughly enjoying ourselves whether it was bathing in the natural hot springs, dancing our hearts out at discotheques or simply exploring the city, it was always fun. Overall, this week in Baños was one of incredible adventures.