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Updates from the AMAZON!


On Sunday we arrived to the amazon and it was amazing. The water was flowing nice, the amazon house that is owned by Tom had one lounging room that had a dinner table that overlooks the river. Dinner was very special because there was no lights and so its candle-lit throughout the table along with buffet style food served to all 14 of us.

Breakfast at 8, work from 9 to 1, lunch at 1:30, free time, activities 2 to 5, then dinner at 7. Monday we learned about conserving turtles and measuring them and their weight. There was at least 188 (I believe).

Both Monday and Tuesday activities we did tubing through the amazon river for an hour. Tuesday work was moving bags of sand. Wednesday work was taking out bamboo and putting new ones in – building trenches for the bamboo. Wednesday activity was going to a Kiwchwa community and learning how to make chicha and dancing with the little kids. We also tried grub(insect) which was not bad.

Thursday we went to an animal rescue center and learned about monkeys, birds, tucans, snakes, and how these animals were given by people or adopted or found. Friday we hauled sand and our activity was a hike through the forest with a guide name Miguel who gave us facts about the trees and plants that can be use for medicinal use such coco leaves and dragon bloods(tree) and Saturday was a day to pack and get ready. The rain was on and off the whole trip. Thunderstorms were huge. Now we are in Peguche studying Spanish and living with families!