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From the Amazon to the Andes

MARCH 27, 2017 | South America - INTI

This week took us from the Amazon to the Andes. We have spent the past 7 days in Peguche, a small indigenous town in northern Ecuador. Our group of 12 split into three smaller groups for homestays with local families. We have lived and eaten with our host families as well as had Spanish classes in their homes in the mornings. In the afternoons, the whole group got together to do activities around the area, which included: a hike to a nearby waterfall (la cascada de Peguche), a traditional weaving demonstration, a visit to the market in Otavalo (a larger town nearby famous for handicrafts), and a visit to a local instrument-making workshop. On Saturday we took a day trip to a beautiful crater lake about 45 minutes away. We hiked up and along the lake, and then headed into Cotacachi for lunch. Cotacachi is the leather capitol of Ecuador. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the town, and we all came home with some beautiful leather handicrafts. Today (Sunday) is our last day in Peguche; we leave for Pucara this afternoon for our last week in Ecuador!