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New Week, New Country

MARCH 20, 2018 |NKULA

By Tosca van Oostrum and Maytal Agasi

Last week we were in Rwanda and experienced a lot of emotions that we wanted to share with you.

Apprehensive: for crossing our very first land border.
Thankful: for better infrastructure in Rwanda.
Frustrated: with the language barrier.
Clean: due to the supposedly “free” laundry service.
Intune: with the nature that surrounds us (even the bugs).
Shocked: by the personal stories of the genocide but inspired by their growth and positive mindset.
Scammed: by the taxi drivers who overcharged us.
Excited: for the Black Panther film.
Full: from all of the good food in Kigali.
Overwhelmed: by the amazing aroma of the Huye coffee.
Deeper love: for the amazing Carpe family.
Wiser: on the way to Tanzania.