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Scavenger hunt blogs! Exploring Matagalpa from the Tragons

Good Afternoon,

It´s been three days since we have arrived in Nicaragua, Matagalpa. I hated the airplane ride so much. I could not sleep for crap, and I hated the how there was no leg space. Besides that, we made it here safely, and it´s everything like how I imagined it was. It´s hot, I´m sweaty, I suck at speaking the LANGUAGE AND ITS BEAUTIFUL AS HELL OVER HERE! TELL MY MOM, I MISS EM.

Michael Vang

im in nicaragua and it´s been three days.  the plane ride was long but im glad to be here.  i got into my hostel and it kinda reminded me of a cabin. i´ve tried some food here and it´s really good. im excited to meet my host family soon. i miss my own family but i´m super excited to be here.

Kelly Martinez