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Jatzibe is on their way home!

The Jatzibe cohort has gone through security in San Jose, and is currently flying back to the US! They look forward to seeing you tonight! 


Here are some final words from their leaders: 

Adios y buenas suerte JatziBAEs!

Wow! What a journey we have been on together! 

The last eight weeks have been full of ups and downs and we all have grown immeasurably. From navigating the streets of Matagalpa, to swimming in waterfalls, to riding horses, to flying through the air, to finishing on the beaches of Costa Rica, we have formed a forever bond. 

There are not words to express how proud we are for everything you have achieved and the challenges you have faced since we first met in Portland. You are stronger and more capable than you can ever know and we hope you take these lessons learned into the amazing life you will lead.  Thank you to each of you. Thank you for the love you brought. Thank you for being your authentic self. Thank you for your commitment to this experience. Thank you for the laughs and the jokes. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Always remember to stay “flexi flexi” and eat your breakfast oreos.

Besos y abrazos,


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