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Sawatdee from Southeast Asia!

It's Iris here–I'm still alive. We're doing to scavenger hunt now in Chiang Mai and Hannah and I are totally gonna win. This is my first computer since Hong Kong and its’ all in Thai so I'm completely dumbfounded as to how to navigate anything. So far we've paraded around the city trying not to get hit by passing cars or motorbikes. The food has been AMAZING and nowhere near as spicy as I expected. The city is not as culture-shocking as I had imagined it to be. I mean sure there's no side walks and the pavement has giant holes leading into the unknown that I almost dropped my keys into but, it's really not so "shocking'. We live in a cushy hostel with hot showers and flushing toilets…but I know its not going to stay nice for long. In about two days we leave for our host families and we need to get creative when it comes to how to wipe our butts…

Daddy: I didn't open the present til we landed in Thailand. Thank you for my book :3
Mama: I'm ok 

Iris in Thailand.

Iris in Thailand.

Sawatdee friends!

We have been in Chiang Mai for just 3 days and already have learned so much! Everything here is so beautiful, and refreshing and upbeat- it's like a whole new world. We have been staying at a cozy lil' guest house while familiarizing ourselves with the exciting new territory. We have been starting our day at 9 am and after adventuring all day, by 8 pm, everyone is exhausted and ready for bed. I can already feel how tight-knit everyone is becoming and it's amazing how comfortable and silly we can be around each other just a few days in. Soon we will leave the guest house to travel to our home stays where we will be studying Thai for a couple weeks, after which we will travel to Pun Pun center for self reliance to learn about organic farming techniques, seed saving and much, much more. I wish I could post a picture for you all to see the beauty of this place, however the computer I am using is not compatible with camera So for now, no pictures- but hopefully very soon!

Talk to you all soon and all my best!