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Hello from Uganda!

Hello! It's Cat here. After some very tiresome flight travel, we were driven to our hostel in unmarked taxis. We've encountered and shared rooms with many people from all over the world at the hostel already.
We went to these botanical gardens, and found a jungle instead! All the trees look so different. So many monkeys were there, and a few kind stray dogs. We had a stellar view of lake Victoria. We made group agreements and are cultivating lots of love. We've been to a local market and a fancy hotel to listen to live music.
Life for us is definitely not bad! Challenging at some points yes, and it is very fulfilling.

We made it, y'all! We've had such an amazing few days getting to know each other. Feeling like a family already. Uganda is incredibly beautiful, though we have yet to see much while we've been at our hostel for orientation. We did go to the Botanical Gardens and saw monkey mamas and babies!  We are heading to the Rhino sanctuary tomorrow and are so excited to travel in this country! We are feeling very blessed. – Cassandra’s group