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From Bananas to Baños-South America Updates

I am currently in Baños. I just spent a whole week at the banana farm in Santo Domingo. That went by really fast. I was so happy there because I felt so free. I felt like I was at peace with nature and the animals around me. I was afraid to see really huge spiders at the banana farm before this trip.  Only to find out I only saw one huge spider, which was in the jungle. All of the other bugs were pretty big, but I eventually just got used to them.  However, I got bitten tons of times by little gnats.  Working in the farm showed me how much hard work it is so send off bananas, and how people get a very unfair trade for it. Also, the experience of killing of two chickens to prepare them for our meal. That was really emotional and hard to take in. After that meal I haven't eaten a chicken since. Though I enjoyed being there in the farm, it does feel good to be back in the city. I cannot wait to continue spanish classes and teach children English!


 Hammock time at the Banana Farm

Hammock time at the Banana Farm

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