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Down from the Mountain-Central America Updates

After spending a week at the Escuela de la Montaña with minimal Internet access, we are back in Xela in homestays. It's nice to be back in a familiar city, but we miss how incredibly green everything was. At the Escuela, we slept at the school and had our meals with host families. That week was one for bonding–sometimes I thought we bonded too much. At least we haven't gotten completely sick of each other yet! I'd estimate that happening around maybe the trek to Lake Atitlan (a week from now). We all got a little sick except for Julia, who kept the sickness away with her swag alone. It was an impressive sight to behold.

This coming week, we'll be taking Spanish classes at Casa Xelaju Spanish school, right in the midst of the city. They will be rather intensive–five hours a day, plus mandatory evening activities. looking forward to the salsa dance class on Thursday. It's going to be epic, if I do say so myself.

Hasta luego nerds,
MAYA Carpe Diem group