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First Days in India

Kenya and Paulo here! Namaste from India!

We have been staying at the Wongdhen house and loving every minute of it. Today is the last day of orientation and we (the shanti group) have been getting to know each other better over various meals at delicious restaurants and a very intense , sass filled game of late night UNO. We have consumed copious amounts of morning chai, because chai is life. Right now we are in the middle of a scavenger hunt, which requires us to post a blogpost and other requirements to help us familiarize us with New Delhi, and India in general. It took some getting used to, but the city is a pretty wonderful, spiritual place. We have already gotten to know parts of the city and get as feel of India, two days ago we visited Raj Ghat, the holy place where Ghandi’s ashes remain. And yesterday we entered a temple dedicated to Kali, the god of death and time: a very crazy experience, but a very eye opening one. India has definitely gotten real, really fast. Did we mention the food already? Well thats a whole different blog post.
Tomorrow we leave Delhi for Jaipur. a six hour bus ride! The girls are getting some traditional Corti’s. It’s still only the beginning and we have seen so much, but there is still so much to see!

-Kenya and Paulo


Hello friends, family, or whomever may be reading this blog:
This is our second day here in Delhi, India and so far we are having a fantastic time. We have spent numerous hours getting to know each other and going over group orientation, but have still been able to go out and about through the chaotic streets of Delhi. Honestly it has been totally overwhelming but we are starting to get used to debating Tuk Tuk fares, eating street food, and being awoken each morning to pidgeons and serenades from Indian men. Now we have to go meet the rest of the group in Mugal Gardens. Talk to you soon!

—Haley W. Mathilda, Travon