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First Impressions of Quito-Susan Vang

The first day here was amazing. The sight descending down to Quito was beautiful. The giant hills and ravine were a sight to see. I’m in awe as to how they get the houses built up in such places. The heat really hit me once we exited the airport but it was still a beautiful country. All the other people that in this group are amazing and knowledgeable and give helpful advice. I hope to connect with them more and really get to know them on a personal level and hopefully be friends in the long run. The sights here are beautiful, the building here are very colorful with light pastel colors. There a lot of white building but it really adds to the culture here and makes the experience so much more exciting. The other day we went on a walking tour around Quito and saw many many churches where their wood was hand carve and adorn with many biblical figures and paintings by many different artists. The churches are grand especially with the stain glass. We went to many of the plazas and it was really different from home. Every where you go there was people on a street or a corner and it was amazing to see how people here really hustle to make their earning and gains. They are very dedicated and hard working people. Later on we went on a food tour where we ate many delicious food items which many were deep fried but so good in my mouth that I kept shoving food down. The ceviche here is the best and most delicious thing I had put in my mouth. I could literally eat it every day. I ate fish for the first time in a long time. It was not bad. It was flaky and the outside was crunchy. It was good. I wouldn’t mind eating it again. We have today and tomorrow left in Quito before we head on to our next destination. Until next time.