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Esperanza explores Portland

We started the scavenger hunt by getting on the max yellow line and taking it downtown. While riding it we caught glimpses of some of the many bridges in Portland. We crossed the broadway bridge. We got off the max in the pearl district and walked up burnside towards powell's. On the way we stopped at a park where we picked up trash and talked about our connection with nature. I told her about how Portland is filled with parks in every neighborhood. We continued our journey up burnside. We encountered a large group of students visiting from Japan. We gave them warm welcomes to Portland and talked with them about some hot spots in the city to check out and gave them directions towards the downtown location of voodoo donuts. We wished them warm farewells and safe travels and continued on our way towards powell's. At powell's Lindsey and I discussed some of our favorite books. She chose to read me an exert from Life of Pi and I read a snippet from Under the Skin. We chose to get our group a mandala coloring book for our trip, in case any of us needs a break from reading and wants to be creative. After a full galavant through powell's we headed across the street to Buffalo Exchange to check out the second hand scene of pdx. We decided to snag a pack of rings for each other as a token of friendship and the start of this journey. Afterwards we continued to explore portland in the rain. Through out this day of team work we were able to practice acts of mindfulness through kindness and environmental awareness. It brought us closer to each other and our selves. 

-Sophia W. and Lindsey C. 

Today we explored the wonderment that is Portland Oregon. Locals often use the phrase keep Portland weird and believe me they are doing a great job at accomplishing their goal. Our adventure began in north Portland where we waited eagerly to hop on the max. We crossed the bridge, picked up some litter in the park off Burnside, and Mike started off by hugging a homeless woman who said he reminded her of her son. We made our way to Powell's, which was a unique experience due to the strange and abnormal layout of the store. We found a book called Betty Backcountry that was about backpacking and camping in the travel section. Next we ventured to buffalo exchange. There were plenty of treasures in the thrift store like a pin for Mike of rice and beans holding hands and a fanny pack for the trip. The Portlanders showed the east coasters downtown and were able to bond. The group dynamics were great and I feel closer and more confident in the group already. 

-Betty N. and Mike D. 

We had a great day! With a great sense of friendly competition! The first task we completed was taking a picture of the bridges. Next on our list we picked up some trash and completed a few random acts of kindness.

-Nancy O. and Andrew A.

Connor and I spend the afternoon busing around Portland to complete our scavenger hunt. We started off working our way through the list, and found the experience more fun than we had anticipated! Although we did not acquire everything on the list, our day was full of good memories!

-Nick H. and Connor O.