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First Impressions in Delhi


Here is a collection of some of our first impressions in Delhi, India. 

These first few days in Delhi have been insane, but wonderful. From seeing elephants in the street, to people diving down the wrong side of the road, to crowds of people trying to take photos with us, India is everything I thought it would be and more. Namaste to everyone back at home!              

Everywhere you look there is something new and amazing to see. So far it has been totally overwhelming, but in a wonderful way. Often you see things that break your heart but the next you see something beautifully uplifting and it is all just an amazing display of humanity.

Delhi is definitely a city that never sleeps. People are always going somewhere and or doing something. The colors and the smells are all very overwhelmingly beautiful. These first 3 days has been an amazing experience and it’s something that I am looking forward to facing everyday.

Sitting in a small internet cafe on our third day in Delhi, we are feeling energized, overstimulated, and excited for this adventure. So far, India has been crazy. The amount of people swarming around every where is intense but beautiful. The cars, rickshaws, and motorcycles follow no laws on the road. There is constant honking from every auto mobile trying to establish their own individual dominance. Cows, camels, and stray dogs roam around the roads as well as people who sleep in the middle of the road through all the commotion! Our group is staying in a hip, chill, hostel with a nice breakfast every morning and kind hostel staff.

Today the group created an agreement we will carry with us for the next three months which includes the philosophy of respecting each other and our belongings as well as avoiding gossip, being honest, and letting each other know when we might need personal space.

In two days we will be traveling to Jaipur, in Rajasthan, to live with our host families. More updates to come. Love from our group to you all!Aum shanti shanti shanti!!!