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Scavenger Hunts in South America


4 teams, 11 tasks, and only 1 winner. Teams set out to discover the coolest, funniest, and strangest aspects of Quito. In just the first hour of our adventure, we tried tamarind and coconut drinks, shot darts at candy, went canoeing, played volleyball with locals, got attacked and took revenge on a little boy with an oversized water gun, enjoyed a fellow explorer´s private concert in the park, took selfies with a security guard, got a personal escort through the city by a traditionally dressed and very friendly family, and even witnessed the changing of the guard at Palacio de Carondelet, where the president of Ecuador lives. We also spoke with lots of locals. One man in particular, who sells natural products and medicines, taught us about how farmers are the heart of this country. He also explained a new government initiative that is helping turn unused land into cacao plantations. More chocolate for everyone! This whole day has been about stepping out of our comfort zones in order to form bonds with the amazing people and culture here. Pretty solid way to set the stage for the rest of our trip!!