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First Impressions in Tanzania


Here is a collection of some of our first impressions in Tanzania: 

Tanzania is a beautiful country, and the mountains we are near are amazing. It is pretty hot, but not unbearable. The thing that has struck me the most is the infrastructure here. It is much better than I was expecting. The power lines here are all organized, especially when compared to the Philippines. The people here are also much friendlier than New Yorkers, maybe its the sun!

Our first impressions of Tanzania were definitely a culture shock. We encountered an eclectic and vibrant city in Dar es Salaam and a friendly and diverse people in its midst. On the way to Morogoro we had a 5 hour lesson in Tanzanian hip hop. Upon arriving at the foothills of the Uluru mountains we found a quaint hostel called Mama Pierina’s. It is lovely. We like the monkeys and the chipsy maiaii at mchana!

The first thing that I noticed when walking in the streets here at Morogoro is that people are extremely friendly and kind. Everyone will say hi and help you with your Swahili. At the places we have stayed the locals are caring and ever willing to help us find the places we would need to visit or eat. Aside from being nice and friendly people are everywhere. They are walking by the street, on the street, and zooming by (crazily if I might add) on motor bikes and in cars.

And yes as you would expect what people have and their show of wealth is startlingly different, this is all the more reason that their kindness and care is astounding. We have driven by rubble of peoples homes who were simply kicked out in order to build a road. What you have can simply be gone the next day, so I guess it makes since that kindness and care is more important than wealth.

This place is beautiful. The trees, the flowers, the clouds, and the smiling faces. I am yet to get used to all the heat and all the eyes that follow the group of “mzungu” or white people. I fear that I may come to love this place and its people more than I can presently imagine.