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Hola From Guatemala


Its been great first week so far. We started out with meeting each other at the LAX airport. The vibe and connection within the group was amaze balllsssss! After that we were off to the beautiful country of Guatemalaaaa. We all landed safely. We started the week off with orientation at Earth Lodge. which was beyond beautiful. the view was amazing. you could see all the volcanoes and look down the city. Our first day was exhausting since we landed in Guatemala around 7 am and didn't have much rest on the plane. But our second day was so nice. we got to know each other and played some games and went over the rules and expectations. on our third day we went to Antigua, Guatemala and it’s like someone took Europe and randomly dropped it in central america. Its to die for! we did a scavenger hunt around town and got some really good banana bread. the town is so colorful and the people are so nice! After Antigua, we traveled to G22 in Guatemala city where we learned about urban sustainability. We learned about how the earth is our home and we should recycle and treat our earth as home. We also went to museums and learned about the Mayan cultures andddd we saw a cotton tree! how cool is that! We had amazing authentic foods and a bunch of avocados. We’re staying in Guatemala city for almost a week and are heading off to Xela tomorrow for a week where we will stay with our FIRST home-stay family! Guatemala is for sure treating us right so far!